31 January, 2019

First Time Female Solo Traveling Abroad : How & What To Prepare

Genting Highland, Malaysia | January 2018

Hey guys. Last year I was so addicted to buy promo flight tickets and because I don't have a lot of friends that can be my travelmates, I encourage myself to solo traveling for the first time ever.

Last year in 2018 I solo traveling twice to Malaysia and Hong Kong & Macau. Both were very special experiences for me because it was my first time visiting the country and I know no one there. Scared? Of course! But I passed through it and in this post I want to share with you how and what to prepare for female solo traveling for the first time ever. Wohoo~

1) Research & Plan Itinerary Beforehand
This is the most important step before you go solo traveling especially abroad. You should browsing must visit places, must eat foods, or instagramable places, whichever suits your interest because you don't want to go there and don't know what to do or where to go, right?
Well, there are some people that just go and got no itinerary or just want to relaxing but we're talking about your first time solo traveling ever.
Also you should know about the safety and culture there, what to wear, what to avoid, more information the better. Be prepared is a must!

2) Rent Wifi Router or Buy Local SIM Card
Nowadays it's very easy for people traveling to other countries by themself, only if you have internet connection. Simply to say, you can go anywhere in the world because informations is one click away from your smartphone.
I always count on google maps wherever I go. Usually I rent a wifi router rather than buying local sim card because the connection is more stable, but it depends on the price.
Because I'm going alone, renting a wifi router can be more expensive than buying local sim card. Like when I was in Malaysia I rent a wifi router because it was on promo and the price cheaper than local sim card. Then for my Hong Kong & Macau Trip I buy local sim card because it was cheaper than renting a wifi router. Always look for the best deal.

3) Exchange Local Currency
This I always do before traveling so I don't have to exchange money in the destination. Just bring enough as your budget and you can change later there if the money is not enough because not all places accept credit card when you arrives, and not everyone have a credit card.

4) Bring Only What You Needs
I was always the type to bring a lot of stuffs when traveling and in the end I don't even use or wear it. Traveling a lot of times now really makes me used to pack light, only everyday essentials that I really need. It makes the baggage lighter and more room for souvenirs and stuffs that you want to buy.

5) Just Go and Have Fun
While you're there just enjoy and most importantly, have fun! You will know your limit and yourself better when you come back, trust me. It's going to be a story and memory that you will cherish forever even if not all of it is a good one.
Only one side effect, solo traveling is addicting. You keep wanting more and more.

Don't be scared to solo traveling especially if you're female because it's a great experience and you will never know before you try, so at least go once in your lifetime. No regret ;)

Yick Fat Building, Hong Kong | June 2018


See you on my next post <3

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